(From left to right: Tye Landels, Isabel Bradley, Grant Glass, Perry Sweitzer, Kelsey Desir, Jane Harwell, Anya Lewis-Meeks. Not pictured Dr. Charlotte Sussman and Daisy Zhan)

Who We Are

Project Convener:

Charlotte Sussman is Professor of English at Duke University. She is the author of Peopling the World: Representing Human Mobility for Milton to Malthus, Consuming Anxieties: Consumer Protest, Gender, and British Slavery, 1713–1833 and Eighteenth-Century English Literature.

Project Manager:

Grant Glass is a PhD student in English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His scholarship focuses on the migration of 18th-century books within the British Empire and how particular editions (pirated, abridged, children’s, imitated, translated) propagated nefarious notions of capitalism, race, empire, gender, and climate throughout the Atlantic. He holds a BA from Harvard University Extension School in Literature and a MA from King’s College London in Digital Humanities.

Team Members:

Isabel Bradley is a second year PhD student in Duke’s Romance Studies department. The content and methods of this project complement her current research, which focuses on artistic and literary engagement with ecological agents in the francophone and creole-speaking Caribbean. The project will allow her to further explore how lived experiences of the Middle Passage become present through commemorative decolonial praxis.

Kelsey Desir is a second year English PhD student at Duke University who studies late 20th century-contemporary African American and African Diasporic literature and expressive culture. This project allows her to turn to the past, particularly the Transatlantic slave trade, to contextualize contemporary Black women’s lived experiences and struggles. She also has a great interest in producing public facing work that fosters intellectual conversations outside of the ivory towers of academia.

Jane Harwell is a PhD student in English at Duke University. She studies eighteenth-century British literature, material culture, and natural philosophy. This project combines her interest in digital humanities and public facing writing with her research.

Tye Landels is a PhD student in English at Duke University and a specialist in British Romanticism. This project gives him an opportunity to better understand one of the major, albeit under-researched, historical events and ethical issues of the Romantic period.

Anya Lewis-Meeks is a English PhD student at Duke University. Her research seeks to investigate how folkloric figures have been used as tools of cultural transmission and resistance in the Caribbean. In addition to her research, Anya is a writer and editor, and this project gives her an opportunity to bridge the gap between humanities scholarship and public writing.

Perry Sweitzer is a PhD student in Duke University’s Graduate Program in Religion. This research furthers his interest in the ethics of the archive and public-facing scholarship.

Daisy Zhan is an undergraduate student majoring in mathematics at Haverford College. As a member of “Remembering the Middle Passage” Data+ team in Summer 2019, her research builds on the Data+ project and continues to predict the voyage paths missing in historical archives using differential equations and deep learning.